Forex Price Movement – V Basic Technical Analysis, Which Should You Use?

The purpose of currency trading is to benefit from the Forex price movement, and here we will look at two fundamental and technical modes of analysis and which one is most appropriate. So which one is right for you? Let’s find out.
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Let’s take a look at the analysis, that is, the supply and demand data to see where prices might go in the future. Analyzing economic and political events, the FX trader buys or sells this news.
The problem with fundamental analysis is that although we all have to look at the same facts, we all come to different conclusions. Marketers do not respond to news and see it logically, they also respond to the emotions of greed and fear, which means you cannot earn the news.
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If you look at currency markets, this is not news and this is how the trader reacts with it and why, you see markets falling and the best news and rally, when will it arrive? s worst.
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The problem with analyzing fundamentals is that this form of analysis is not considered by traders to be emotional beings, which is why technical analysts have a great advantage.
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If you use technical analysis, you assume that the status of the basic supply and demand is reflected in the price action, but you are not aware that simply by watching the news, you are seeing the relationship that each trader has with him and the price you see. all the news and the psychology of the trader at the same time.
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If you want to win Forex trading, using Forex listings is a better way than trying to trade news, it also takes less time. FX technical analysis allows you to look for triple-digit gains, following price action, and is the best way to trade Forex.
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