A Forex Trading System That Really Works

Over the years, Forex trading robots have flooded the market with mixed results. There are always a few that work, but unfortunately most will fail. In this article, we will explore options with Trading Robots that we also know as expert advisors and find out if having a Forex trading system actually works.

Options for trading systems to have their limits

Expert advisor coding is always advancing and now it is possible to read software news alerts and convert this information into a trade. This new wave of programming is at the forefront of using basic analysis in trading algorithms; there are issues that a key trader might point out, but this is a conversation for another article. The limitations of a trading system are owed to the programmer. There are hundreds of indicators that give direction to markets and this will be a correct percentage of the time. The problem is ensuring that the end of time is correct enough at the end of the week, month, or year.

It's a common place for a Forex robot to work for a while and then go through the bad patches that can eat up all your profits and explode your account. Although these Expert Tips sell well, there is no knowing how to market accurately and the rules-based trading system may not be as marketable as it was next year.

Adjustable trading system

Finally, the Forex trading system that operates will be able to adapt to a trading environment using more than one set of rules. Using a system that adapts to multiple standards can be adapted to many scenarios. For example, a Forex robot that uses a scaling system in a trend market may permanently lose market. Changing a system that could detect change in the market with a technique of fixation and consolidation would bring extraordinary results.

There are hundreds of systems on the market and the best advice we can buy is to look at past results and pay close attention. The Forex trading system that works really well will equal less than 20%, but your account will never explode.

This is why Cryptocurrency Dash makes Bitcoin embarrassing

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now.

Everywhere you go, you see titles that have a huge profit of one thousand per cent for "coins" like bitcoin. But what gives them value? When did you use bitcoin?

Actually, it's not practical right now, especially given how long it takes to complete the transaction. But there are other currencies that are emerging as viable candidates for Bitcoin as the # 1 viable candidate cryptocurrency.

There is a lot to understand about the complexities of cryptocurrencies, but this article is more about finding an investment opportunity than explaining the science behind it.

A bubble in Bitcoin?

It is important to know that the concept of "mining" is one thing. This is the same basis for cryptocurrencies. This is how new bitcoins are made.

In simple terms, using "miner" software can solve complex math problems and reward new bitcoins. Then the transaction is stored on the blockchain, and these new bitcoins are officially in circulation.

As more bitcoins are in circulation, these mines are more difficult and more time consuming and profitable. So even though about 80% of the bitcoins are in circulation right now, the last one won't be cut until 2140.

As most people have learned so far, bitcoin has seen a huge rally this year. In fact, it has risen by about 1,200% since last year and many people think it's in a bubble.

The total value of bitcoins in circulation is now over $ 150 million. If it were to be a Bitcoin company, it would be in the top 50 in the United States.

I personally think bitcoin is far more valuable than any other cryptocurrency because it was the only reason it broke in the mainstream. That is still important. At the very least, it allows other coin developers to improve on something.

It is a good thing if you think you have lost your boat with bitcoin, there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies. Of course, some are frauds, but others have real potential.

I think one of them has a real and practical use called Dash.

Dash: Digital Box

First of all, Dash is ahead of the game in terms of convenience. Right now, bitcoin transactions average about 10 minutes. Dash is the main cryptocurrency that can be transferred immediately between parties (in less than a second), making it much more practical when buying online or in-store.

One of the most attractive features of the Dash is that 10% of the coins removed are issued in the Dash DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Simply put, the DAO Dash is a treasure. At a current price of over $ 600 per coin, it can use up to $ 4 million a month.

It is important to know that other currencies do not have constant funding. With that money, Dash DAO can develop and market the currency.

Also, anyone can come up with a project idea to enhance the value of Dash. Then the project's Dash developers voted for the project. An example would be partnering with stores to make Dash a viable means of transaction for their merchandise.

Of course, these developers are making money from Dash, so the benefit of the currency and everything it promotes will be attractive.

This creates a circular effect because the currency is priced high because it is better financed and marketed, then the DAO makes more money and is able to trade Dash even more.

The breakthrough

To date, Dash can be used on more than 300 physical stores and over 100 websites to purchase goods or services. But the breakthrough may be in the marijuana industry.

Right now, banks can't be involved in marijuana transactions; everything has to be done in money. Sellers cannot put sales money into a bank.

This carries the risk of theft, but these companies have to pay to save money and transport it. That adds up quickly.

Using Dash would be great for these vendors. It would also bring great things for the price of the dash.

The good news is that it has already begun. In April, Dash partnered with a digital payment system called Alt Twenty-Six. The country has a partnership with some of the country's leading business management software.

These software companies carry out hundreds of dispensary and distribution service transactions. This means that Dash users already have hundreds of ways to use the currency.

Since Dash became a payment method in Alt Twenty-six on October 11, its price has increased 118%. That's only a month and a half.

Just get started

With the market cap of $ 4.8 trillion compared to $ 156 billion in bitcoin, I think Dash still has a lot of room to move on.

The marijuana industry is just the start of Dash, but it's brilliant. In 2016, legal sales totaled about $ 7 billion. Another estimated $ 46 million was sold on the black market.

As more stores open and marijuana becomes legal in more states, that number will increase to $ 2321 million by 2021 and $ 50 billion by 2026.

Again, this is just the beginning of Dash. Unique instant transaction functions make money a viable alternative. It gives it compared to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Predict Forex Trading Modes

Actually, Forex trading is like making predictions. The currency does not change at random. Instead, market demand changes in the predetermined fashion that determines it. Therefore, trading is impossible if the study and experience is completed successfully.

Forex currency forecasting is done in two main ways. Firstly technical indicators, secondly, market analysis according to economic and new trends. Both must be done at the same time.

Beginners could only foresee this in technical analysis, but advanced marketers need to make a prediction based on news heard about economic trends.

Technical analysis is a smart way to predict currency change based on mathematical formulas. Users may not need to know the mathematical details about this type of analysis. These indicators only need to know how to use them properly.

For example, in the case of stochastic indicators, this way of predicting currency change is to see whether the number of indicators is too low or too high. In this case a trading event appears and the trader can buy or sell the currency that is being traded.

On the other hand, economic analysis is used to forecast currency changes based on the financial condition of the trading country. This depends on the industry level of the country and the political status of the country. For example, if the country is at war, it will affect the currency value of that country.

As noted above, this type of analysis requires advanced traders to use it. The simplest are technical indicators, which are not all that difficult to use.

Forex trading strategy is a way of predicting currency change, combined with analysis of technical indicators and news. For example, the Forex strategy may have two technical indicators such as stochastic and MACD and no news analysis has been included within the strategy.

For a more successful strategy, the trader should use fewer indicators for simplicity, as a general rule, for more success. This applies in many areas of our lives and not just in Forex trading.

Anticipating the change in currency will give you a rough idea to help you make the decision to buy or sell now. The key to success in trading is the ability to predict currency change well. In other words, failure to predict how the currency will go will result in all negotiations failing and leading to losses.

4 Tips To Become A Huge Forex Trader

Do you want to succeed in the Forex market? Here are some tips on how to succeed:

Stay tuned for news

Economic news or global events have a major impact on currency pairs. For example, there are some news reports that have moved the currency to 200 pips. This means that if the market goes against you, you will lose a lot of money depending on your suit. To be on the safe side, you need to be careful about news and events. It is noticeable that many Forex trading websites will notify you when there is important news and all you have to do is read the notifications.

Use a Demo Account

An account demo is an account that has all the features of a real account; so when you use it you will feel like a real account. Before you start trading with real money, you need to use your account and make sure you are trading well. If you have a problem, you should not hesitate to contact customer service.

Use Automated Trading

If you do not have much time for trading you should use Forex robots. They are machines that will analyze the market and trade on your behalf. All you have to do is set and they will do everything for you. In order to avoid losses, you should make sure that you have fixed your stop account.

You should note that not all trading companies support the marketing of robots; so you need to do your research to find the right company for you.

Use smaller spreads

If you are a new trader, you should avoid large expansions and look for smaller ones. For example, you would have to look for four siblings. The reason for this is because you are still new to the market and you are making mistakes. When you have a smaller expansion, you won't lose much money as the market goes against you.


Here are some tips you should follow to become a great Forex trader. To become a master, you need to read a lot about commerce to invest in knowledge. You also need to have confidence and discipline when the time is right.

Cheap travel in style

The cost of travel can be prohibitive, but you can travel cheaply, by knowing the right information, you can enjoy your vacation, and discover travel this neat way.

The ability to travel cheaply is in itself an art and science. Given the high cost of travel in the travel industry, it is still surprising how many routes remain open to the average traveler.

The key to saving your travel cost is just your ability to compare, but knowing when and where to shop.

For example, a Tuesday afternoon flight to Chicago Airport from Los Angeles could cost you $ 250. But the man sitting next to you in the same seat paid only $ 195. , Happens every day.

The difference was that the person paying the minimum price had a little more knowledge, and as a result saved a lot of money. Now you can.

Below are tips for traveling cheaply.

1. Give yourself time to buy prices, prices, discounts and more. The first reason is that most people who pay more than the cost of travel, vacation or hotel is a lack of time. Either they don't give themselves enough time to buy prices or conditions that force them to take what they can find.

1. One of the keys to traveling elegantly is to plan your trip. But not too far away, you want to plan a lot to get a good deal, but not much before you miss a good deal. The key is to hit that middle ground, that sweet spot. Try for 21 days.

2. Learn to use information online to stay informed of current prices. Use sites like Travelocity, Priceline, Hotwire and other similar sites to compare current rates on airfares, hotels and more. Try monitoring prices for at least 30 days or more before making a commitment if possible. 3. One of the keys that many people overlook when trying to travel cheaply is their failure to set a budget. Budget is still especially important when trying to travel cheaply. Realistic will acts as a measuring stick on how coherent your plan or weather you have to adjust your plan – and when.

4. Traveling with a set is an excellent way to reduce cost. Most hotels, airlines and other related travel companies love groups. You often receive discounts, rewards, and other perks you don't receive as a single traveler for the price.

5. Travel during off-season or during peak times. This remains solid travel cheaply with the principle of method. By traveling off-peak or off-peak, you will not only save money, but you will often get better service.

6. Search a variety of sites to see the latest travel tips. Avoid relying on just one site to give you all the information. Receiving different perspectives is always good; in this way you can make more informed decisions.

7. You can often save money by traveling with cheap airlines, just be aware that small airports are often used. So budget for the extra transportation cost if you have to go to the city.

Use these simple and effective suggestions to make travel costs less and fun to grow. Now you know how to travel cheaply.

Best Forex Broker – Get This Wrong and You Will Fail

There are many brokers to choose from. Do a search on the internet and you'll see thousands of sites to choose from. Finding the best Forex broker is very important to succeed in the exciting world of your currency trading.

Intermediary service offerings can vary significantly. Many will offer fantastic training for beginners. This is important because understanding the basics is very necessary.

Although you may use the suggested trading techniques with the company you want to work with, it is good to have a roundabout understanding of trading. It never hurts to have more information and knowledge than you need.

Some companies will offer online seminars and training videos. This is a trait I love. If you're like me, I tend to learn faster by listening to and watching videos.

Access to support is very helpful. Whatever trading platform is easy to use, there may be some questions. It's nice to know if you need help asking an experienced person.

You will need access to news that affects currency prices. No matter if you are trading full time or are busy enough, you need to be aware of the news that affects currency prices. Full-time marketers are almost addicted to tracking news because notifications can impact their trades. Something is happening everyday that you need to be aware of when negotiating.

Most companies do not charge transaction fees as stock market companies do. What you need to look for is the amounts spread. Different service providers will have different distributions over each major currency pair. The larger the widths, the more trade will cost.

I would say that the most important feature to look for is to provide practice accounts. You need to practice with all kinds of trading. Many companies offer a practice account with live market data. If the broker you're looking at doesn't have this feature, I wouldn't use them.

Take time and review at least half a dozen companies. Also, it's not a bad idea to review blogs and forums, whether or not a few brokers stand out. Follow all the steps & # 39; covered and you will find the best Forex broker to meet your trading needs.

Forex Risk Management

The Forex market is a win-win battle where traders fight for money and also lose money when they make money. However, trading currency is more than just playing in a casino, where employees track their time, monitor and manage risks in their business, and control over their investments and keep their profits steady. In this article I will give you some tips to help you manage your risk when trading in the Forex market.

– Stop Losses and Take Profit Orders:

Most forex brokers offer stop loss and take profit orders that can be used to manage the risk premium rate. Set yourself personally at the risk of losing your business in any way you are willing to risk. I never risk more than 0.85% of my funds in a trade. So stop loss orders are always set. Do not stop loss orders otherwise the position may close with slight fluctuations in the price of the currency pair. Always set profit orders with reasonable profits or you can expect up and down movement to start position and start making losses. Take a look at market volatility at all times and make sure that both orders are in good standing.

– Similar trading tools:

Avoid the position about currencies that tend to move in the same direction. For example, pairs EUR / USD and GBP / USD are moving in the same direction, which is why I avoid having positions open unless I require a basic or technical statement to play otherwise.

– Don't lose your losses:

All of your traders including you have had losses at some point, but smart traders only reap the benefits and once they have had a bad experience with a bad tool, it remains neutral for them and runs for profit unlike many traders who take a casino approach. and to provide more money to the losing trader trying to harm the losses. It's time to move on. Never take your losses for granted.

– Take control of your lever:

Brokers do not allow you to adjust your lever. However, adjusting the lever is a great way to manage your risk – you can read a gift or a curse.

– Diversify your portfolio:

Always look for new tools to trade with as you diversify, the less risk you have. Use a broker who offers more tools like brokers, options, bonds, CFDs or mutual funds.

– How to do it right?

Establish a risk-reward ratio, I personally use a 1: 3 ratio. So, I set my trading profit at $ 3000 for a trade loss of $ 1000. I personally recommend this ratio because it is balanced.

Unlike many others, traders who have chosen to control risk and profit tend to have an opportunity in the face of bad days by taking control of traders and making profits in a dangerous market such as Forex.

Online Forex Trading Tips

The internet-friendly trust and faceless forum are barriers to selling foreign notes. Online Forex trading facilitates and transacts through fanatical Internet links during predetermined Forex marketing hours.

So, let's consider what Forex trading is.

Essentially, Forex trading involves buying and selling foreign currency. This term is derived from the exchange – & # 9; ex and abroad – & # 39; & # 39; It is similar to stock trading; here, the foreign currency assumes the responsibility of the shares of the currency institutions. When it comes to Forex trading, stock investing follows time, economy and value requirements. However, trading foreign exchange is the same as buying low currency and then selling it in high currency. For online shopping, exchange rates must also be considered. Online Forex requires investors to explore the route through Internet marketing strategies in pairs.

Going forward, let's look at the functional aspects of online Forex trading.

The Forex trading program available to online traders enables profitable arbitrage and financial management. In fact, the Forex market is essentially a type of internet trading that is designed to replace other money markets so that traders can operate their Forex according to expected market standards.

There are several ways to trade Forex, but among them the most effective Forex Trading System & # 39; yes. This type of system uses unique software that captures currency rates and trading. They are mainly used to look at foreign exchange rates. They can also trade for you. Specifically, this tool remains active 24 * 7 without having to wait for markets to open when news breaks. Thus, it is imperative that you buy a Forex tool that recognizes changing rates in the global system.

Let's look at the benefits of online forex trading from now on.

-They are designed to make money earning ideas, allowing you to invest without limitation to the business area.
-They are easy and fun.
– They allow you to work from home from any computer around the world.

So what are the basic steps you need to take to start trading?

-View an account with a researched or recommended broker, with the help of online surveys.
– Registration fee.
-After considering the amount you want to start with the investment.
-Finally, a bag of money!

Some useful tips for earning online Forex trading are:

-Buy a currency when the rate has dropped dramatically. As you explore changing the bigger picture, you just sell. You can do this by using an online backup facility.
-Get the training offered by the marketing service to achieve the desired success.
-View online Forex sites to start learning with minimal investments in your home office. However, before you begin, you need to go through the terms and conditions, especially the risks, warnings, and warnings to avoid home-based risks.

Common FX Trading Problems and Their Solutions

Making bad decisions constantly

It can be too easy to make a decision on how to make money if traders who are constantly taking their money for a week want to rest. The FX trading market can be dangerous and fast which can cause some stress. As stress arises, the simplest decisions seem overwhelming. Resting the market will give anyone the time they need to clear their heads and make faster decisions when jumping back.

If that doesn't work, some online courses designed to teach beginners FX trading may be the perfect solution. There is a lot to learn about this market, so beginners should never feel bad if they make a mistake or two. It happens to everyone.

Simplify things

Too many marketers are still looking for a key way to strategize their moves. Unfortunately, often, charts and data charts are created instead of paintings in a museum instead of paintings. The rest are found reading economic newspapers and so on. While it may seem like a dive in the first market, using all of these techniques will have the opposite effect.

It's a simple matter and often a person's gut instinct will tell them whether to trade or wait. This is the strongest indicator a trader can have. Instead of looking for the perfect opportunity to negotiate and spend countless hours reading financial news, which can be boring, simplify things and maybe go with one indicator or two. These solutions will remove a lot of stress from things, and marketers will know that they no longer plan for a second.

Be disciplined

Traders not being disciplined is a great solution to many traders' problems. Those with more experience in the market have the knowledge and experience to know that if a particular business does not follow its strategy, they should not do so. As mentioned earlier, gut instinct can be a powerful thing. If the trader has the slightest hesitation in completing a trade, the idea is to make no sale. This may not take place in the market for a few weeks at a time and may require some discipline.

This method of earning money continues to grow in popularity, but many beginners and marketers with a medium level of experience consistently find themselves facing one problem or another. This can lead to unnecessary frustration. These three tips from seasoned marketers can help solve many problems and help eliminate all the stress and frustration felt by beginners. FX trading is a fun way to make money, but it should never lead to extreme losses or anger, and with that advice, it shouldn't.

10 ways to save money on airline tickets

1. Be patient. A good price is required on flights. Now, don't let that deter you, because saving $ 100 + on flights can mean getting more money to spend on sightseeing, hotels, eating out and tours, meaning that if you want to travel in Spring, you should start checking prices In late autumn or winter. Sometimes there are last minute deals, but more often than not, you'll find the best deals at least 21 days before your departure date.

The first thing in the morning (around 9:00 am, and in the evening, after 6:00 pm) I like to browse the travel sites to see if there are any offers that day. I also want to delete my browser history and cookies, because travel sites and airlines sometimes will remember your search and this could actually cause prices to increase.

My favorite website is Skyscanner. One of the great features about this site is that you can check to see the best price of the day is to travel around the world from your preferred airport. For example, I live in Toronto, so I will enter flights from Toronto (YYZ) to everywhere. This is a great feature because it will tell me where that day, date, month, etc. Cheaper for me to travel anywhere in the world. (I used this site recently to help me get tickets for my flight to Seoul, South Korea in April. Other airlines were charging $ 1,000- $ 1,500 for flights to Seoul, but Delta was promoting it and was able to get around only $ 850/770. (US $ exchange rate.)

Another great feature of Skyscanner is that you can set your destination and travel dates and sign up for Price Alerts so they send you an email if the price goes up or down on your travel dates. (My sister just used this feature to help her get a trip to Edmonton, Alberta for travel in May. The round-trip ticket prices ranged from $ 300 to $ 400 and she managed to get them for CAD 269.)

Another site I like to use is Expedia. Every day they will offer travel deals available to major domestic and international tourist destinations. Deals will also include deals for "Trip + Hotel". This helps me feel the average cost for example, a 4 night trip to Las Vegas. Let's say that the price of the trip and hotel to Vegas for 4 nights on the strip is from $ 500 to $ 600 per person from Toronto, I would like to try to watch for deals that are equal to or less than this price – so I know I save money and get the best price.

One thing about Expedia is that the advertised price is not always available. If I am looking forward to their flight deals for last minute vacations, I may see round-trip air tickets to Miami for CAD 250 (departing from Toronto), but once you click on the deal, you might say the price has risen to CAD 350 while. This is not always the case, but sometimes it happens which must be considered.

Other sites I like to use are Kayak, Redtag, Sunwing, Bing Flight Predictor, and Airfarewatchdog.

2. Check the airline's direct website. Although third-party travel sites can be great, sometimes the best undisclosed deals are found directly through the airline's website. I recommend signing up for email promotions made through your favorite airline. For example, since I live in Canada, I signed up for Air Canada travel promotions. This allows me to see special offers available as soon as they appear directly on the Air Canada website.

I really wanted to take a weekend trip to New York City with my sister last February to celebrate her 21st birthday. In addition to checking third-party sites, I also like to play with dates by entering travel in Air Canada. They did not announce this deal, but I managed to find direct flights from YYZ to LGA for CAD 199. This was so much that I was so happy to search through Air Canada. Sometimes, the airline's website also offers promotional codes, so it's helpful to take a look.

3. Check departures / arrivals from alternative airports. This is not always convenient, but sometimes many major cities have more than one airport or there is another airport nearby in another city. For Toronto residents, we have Pearson Airport which offers domestic and international flights and Billy Bishop Airport which offers specific flights within Canada and the USA. There is also the option of driving across the border and getting out of Buffalo airport as well. Travel from Buffalo Airport is always less expensive than Pearson or Billy Bishop. But the downside is the most, (if not all flights) are not direct, you will have to pay for parking because most people leave their car at the airport while traveling. Flight from Buffalo is always my last resort, because it is a 90-minute drive from Toronto (you should think about gas charges) and depending on how long your trip takes, parking costs may raise that reduced flight to or around the same cost as the flight. She had left from YYZ or YTZ. However, sometimes there will be significant savings you can have when traveling from Buffalo, which will surely make it worth your time. (When I handled company travel in my previous job, there were frequent last minute trips, and if a group of two or more people needed to travel to the USA, Buffalo saved the company with more than $ 300- $ 600 per ticket flight.)

This can also be said not for the departure airport of your choice, but also for the arrival airport. For example, when traveling to New York City, there are basically three airports you can choose to reach: LGA, JFK, or EWR. Sometimes you get a better price when you get to one airport on the other. One thing to keep in mind is traveling from the airport to your hotel. If you transport public transportation, you can reach Manhattan from LGA for less than $ 2.50 when you take the bus and train. However, it is a little more expensive when you get to Manhattan than EWR because you have to use New Jersey, then switch to Manhattan's transportation system. If you are taking a taxi, the fares you get may vary from each airport to Manhattan. This is an important point to keep in mind and I recommend you do your research before traveling.

Follow airlines and third-party travel sites on Twitter (social media) and subscribe to their mailing list. One of the great features about social media is that airlines can use this to advertise special travel offers through some social media. Sometimes an airline provides a special promotional code through a Twitter or Facebook page that is not advertised on other websites. West Jet Blue Tag Thursday offers a special offer that is only offered on Thursday afternoon (unless they have another special offer during this time). You can find this on their website, or watch that advertised on their Twitter or Facebook page. When you subscribe to third party mailing lists or the airline's website, they will sometimes send special promotions to their subscribers that give you secret access to their sale.

5. Don't be afraid to book your trip and hotel separately. Sometimes, you can get a lot on sites like Expedia when you collect your vacation and book flights and hotels at the same time, but that's not always the case. If you see an extraordinary deal on a flight, book it now, don't wait! You may be able to find a better price at the hotel later. I also recommend that if you really see a lot on a flight, please book it now, rather than wait until later in the day. Let's say you see a lot on a flight to San Francisco in the morning, but wait until you get home from work to buying tickets, which may not work for you.

I'll give you an example: I grew up in San Francisco and I was looking for trips to return and return (this was in October 2012) but they were about $ 600 and I wanted to wait for a better price. A few weeks later, Delta sold and offered flights from Toronto to San Francisco for CAD 437. This was an incredible price, given that all I could see was $ 600 + in previous weeks, so I didn't wait and buy tickets right away. I checked later that afternoon to see if the deal was still alive and the price had risen to $ 600 USD. I strongly recommend booking when you see a price you feel is great, as it may disappear sooner than you think.

Sometimes if you are booking multi-city flights, booking them separately may be more expensive than booking the airline itself. For example, last summer (June 2013) I wanted to travel from Toronto to Las Vegas, then from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, and finally from Los Angeles to their home to Toronto. I spent about a month and a half checking prices daily for the best deal. I finally managed to get a sale via Air Canada for flights from Toronto to Las Vegas and from Los Angeles to Toronto. I waited when booking a local US flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles because Air Canada didn't offer that and the price was around $ 100 for this one-way flight at the time. About a week later, I was on Southwest.com and saw that they had a "Getaway" deal for $ 49 for the trip I needed from LAS to LAX. This was great, so of course I booked right away. The price of a fully-fledged multi-city ticket is $ 515. (YYZ to LAS and LAX to YYZ cost me 466 CAD and the southwest trip from LAS to LAX cost 49 USD).

6. Find out which time of year and which days are cheaper to fly. Tuesday and Wednesday are usually cheaper than any other day of the week. (Generally, mid-week searches for flights also yield the best deals.) From experience, I also find that Thursday and Saturday can sometimes offer the best rates as well. Of course this does not happen all the time, and you will have to try the dates, which is why Skyscanner is great for decrypting the least expensive day to leave and return. The days that tend to be the most expensive are Monday, Friday and sometimes Sunday. Airlines know that most business trips take place from Monday to Friday, which is why they tend to be more expensive to leave than Monday and return on Friday. However, business travelers began to leave on Sunday instead of Monday hoping to get affordable fare, but that doesn't always work. Obtaining the cheapest departure date for the week of course depends on the flexibility of your travel dates.

The time of year also helps. It is usually cheaper to travel to Europe in off-season and shoulder seasons (late autumn, winter and early spring). Last year (2013) my parents traveled to Paris in April on direct flights with Air Transat from Toronto for CAD 671 each. This is not the best price I have ever seen, but it was definitely the best deal at the time for non-stop round trips. Traveling during a stop or shoulder season is not always negative. Sometimes due to bad weather, you won't want to travel during off-season, but generally the season is less crowded and offers better prices.

I find that now (early spring) traveling to Las Vegas is a little more expensive (about $ 400 to $ 500 CAD) because most people prefer to go there during the spring before it gets too hot in the summer months. (I compare this to the flight offers I saw last winter for about $ 350.) It is always wise to check events that happen during the dates you want to travel to a particular destination. Sometimes you can spend a great holiday or meeting for price conferences. I always suggest setting the average price of trips to your preferred destination, then monitoring how the price fluctuates.

7. Save money on your luggage. Most airlines now charge you $ 25 per way to check your luggage. You will be charged an additional fee if your baggage exceeds the airline's weight limit. You can avoid this by filling the light and making sure your luggage does not exceed the allowable limit (check with your airline to confirm the weight limit and to get checked baggage prices). Also, if you're on a short trip, consider sharing one luggage with your travel partner (s). This can save you $ 50 on travel costs, because it costs $ 25 per way to check your luggage.

If you are on a shorter trip (weekend trip), just think about carrying the luggage and forget about the specific bag. Most airlines will allow you to bring a small amount of fluid on board. If you're going for a quick weekend trip, you might be able to get away with a suitcase. I did this for my trip last month to New York City. I went to my store in local dollars and bought a small suitcase of transparent plastic containers. This allowed me to bring shampoo, conditioner, face wash, night / day cream, foundation, etc. It also included adhesive stickers, so I knew what it was all about. I realize that this is not practical for everyone, but for a two-night trip, I prefer to spend one dollar on a dollarama suitcase and then $ 50 to buy a specific bag. It also saves me the hassles of waiting to retrieve my bag that was checked in the Baggage Claim.

8. Walk around for travel / health insurance. I always recommend that you get travel or health insurance (extra) for your trip, but sometimes you don't get the best price when determining the insurance package offered by the airline when you book your flights. Your work insurance usually provides some form of travel or health coverage when traveling. Talk to HR about this if you're not sure. You can also buy insurance through your bank – where I tend to find the best rates. This will also be cost-effective in the long term in your plan and travel several times during the year. (Instead of paying for insurance every time you book a trip, you can get coverage through your bank or alternative place for the year for a fixed fee.) If you are over 40 years old (or have a record of health problems), I recommend buying additional health coverage (even if you are already covered by work). Unfortunately, we can never predict what might happen while traveling, and if something happens in the sky, you will be happy that you purchased the additional health insurance. This is something unique for everyone, so I can't tell you what is the best option, and this is something you need to discuss with your HR, bank and family in order to find out the best option for you.

9. Avoid paying for seat selection (if you can). Some airlines require an additional fee for seat pre-selection, and sometimes it is included in the price – if so, then you must pay $ 20 or so to make a pre-seat selection, which may pass. You can usually check in early (24 hours before departure) and choose a free seat option. You may be able to get the seats you want, or you may not. It's a blow or miss. If you do not have a preference for where you sit, or do not want to risk, you should avoid paying the additional fee to choose a pre-seat.

10. Benefit from travel reward programs. There is a lot of competition between airlines and credit cards today, so sign up for their travel reward programs. Talk to your bank and see which travel reward credit card suits your needs. Many of them allow you to accumulate points on your daily spending so you can redeem them for free trips. Some of these credit cards have conditions, such as you can only book flights through your bank, or there are travel outage dates. However, due to the sheer amount of travel rewards credit cards offered today, they get better and you can find one that doesn't have any of these conditions. This means you can use your points to redeem flights anytime, anywhere. Sometimes these cards come with a slight annual membership fee, but the rewards alone are worth it.

The same goes for frequent flyer programs for airlines. The more you fly with one airline, the more points you collect. This is great for business travelers because while the company pays for their flights, they are able to collect frequent flyer points so that they can redeem them on their personal holiday trips. Some companies even allow employees to book their own flights, then send receipts for refund. This allows the employee to earn points on their travel reward credit card as well as frequent flyer points.

I hope these tips will help you when booking your next vacation or trip. Please note that these tips have worked in my own experience, but may not work for everyone. The main thing to remember is that the key to getting the best deal on your flights is to be patient and flexible with your travel dates.